Year #2 at the F.L.A.G.G. Garden

Last year saw an abrupt end to my garden and my blogging. I was diagnosed with tongue cancer and my life got put on hold. After a long tough winter in many respects, I am doing well and happy to be out in the garden again.

This year our plots are larger but am excited to say, well plowed and tilled. I took a plot and a half. The half plot I am sharing with my co worker Courtney Albon and we have planted different types of sunflowers in that half of her plot.

I got a late start due to the rain and cold so it should be interesting to see how my plants fare this year. Maybe we will have a great summer and a fall that stays warm.

I will be shooting many photos and hope to get to know all you fellow gardeners.

Happy gardening and hope some of you add comments as summer progresses.



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