August in the FLAGG Garden

The first week in August found us at our plots at the garden for inspection. Those who signed up for a free freezer had plots inspected, journals turned in and a question and answer session with Ev from United Way and Al from Town and Country.  Most everyone’s plots looked great. Almost all of us have suffered from groundhogs, some sort of vine disease or bugs but we have also all had our successes. Everyone wants to be a part of this next year and I agree! I want a larger plot next year. You certainly learn from your successes and failures.

Val Smith, master gardener, was on hand with more great info on how to have more from our plots and what we can plant now for fall crops. She is going to have more input into next year’s garden. One new item will be a compost area so we will have a place to put our garden waste and then have the benefit of compost when it breaks down.

I was very happy to see all the people come and show off their garden plots and what they are growing.

A party here at the garden will be planned for later and I think it will be time for a true celebration!


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