Our garden; the first of many for Al!

wow, fellow gardeners, I have cool news to share. Monday, Tom Vilsack, United States Department of Agriculture secretary met with 16th District US Congressman, John Boccieri in Wooster to tour the OSU Tech Institute and discuss America’s need for farmers. They did a roundtable with farmers and our very own Al Holdren CEO of Town and Country Co-Op) talked about our garden and how it came to be and how successful it has been!! I guess this caught Vilsack’s attention!!

I have emailed John Boccieri’s assistant today to offer up photos and invited John to check out our blog. Would love to see some more comments posted. We are doing good work and I hope many of you are enjoying the fruits (veggies) of your labors.

And hope you all come next Monday to learn more about putting up food. Pat Shenberger did a great job on Monday talking about freezing. I have been putting food up for decades and still I learned new info from her.

We will also on Monday find out about a possible party when Ev comes to share the evening with us.

I have to say that aside from enjoying my plot and what I have harvested so far; I am also enjoying getting to know some new people. I hope each of you will be part of this garden next year and that we can bring new folks into our group also.



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