Veggie Recipes

For any of you that have vegetable recipes to share; please stop down to the garden and access the submission instructions that are in a large ziplock bag taped to the backside of the sign (sounds like Russian spy stuff doesn’t it?

I was at the garden today, July 5th and see Al has the water tank back for us (Thanks Al). I harvested my very first Sungold tomato (yea!) and saw I have peppers, beans and snow peas all coming along nicely.

If everyone keeps watering we should have a bumper crop.  Stay cool this hot week and see everyone soon.


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  1. Posted by Mary Jean Ferretti on July 7, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Hi all,
    So nice to be on the list. Sounds like everything is really coming along nicely. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for continued success in the gardens.
    I’m the recipe collector so I’d like to encourage everyone to remember to submit copied recipes OR, if you are the creative type, to write it down so you can share it. That includes me since I usually clean veggies and create. My motto is, “you can’t ruin a fresh veggie”. After eating something that was really, really good I try to remind myself to write it down before I forget what was in it and what I did. I am getting better at it. And, after meeting so many nice people at the gardens, I know there are some teriffic ideas out there.
    Anyway, leave your recipes in the plastic bag and I’ll pick up or just email them to me at I’m really looking forward to collecting, assembling and distributing these to each of you. I know we’ll have a fantastic variety of recipes to try and the faster they come in the faster I will get them to you.
    Mary Jean Ferretti


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