Rain, rain, go away, come again another day

The first week in June has seen alot of rain dumped on our gardens. I have to say I think they are all looking spectacular. I hear some have had bunnies or something munching on cabbage, etc. I was told by a co worker that laying rose branches with those sharp thorns around the perimeter of your garden would discourage them so after a few trips to my plot, branches in hand; we shall see.

I am going to be bringing end rolls of newspapers (no print on them) for those who would like to put between your plants and cut down on the weeding. I plan on putting a thick layer of straw too as I really don’t want to spend my summer weeding. When I find out where to store the paper I will let you know so you too can take advantage of it.

I spoke with Ev today and the fence at the bottom of the land should be put up soon. I am quite proud of our garden plots and hope you are also.

Ev also said that he thinks the canning class or classes will be held sometime in August. I will post when I have more info.

Keep up the good work and enjoy our garden!!

My wild tomato cages

First Time Gardeners


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