Let the gardening begin…..drum roll please…

Our Sign Is Up

Monday night found most of us in attendance with the season and the grounds ready for final tilling and planting. Was a wonderful summer eve and the place was buzzing with activity.   

Our sign ( furnished by Morris Sign Co) was put up and soon we should have our fence up too. I can’t believe the changes since Ev and I first walked the ground just a few short months ago. Each plot “owner” was given a journal to fill in for the season which is a great touch and has info for help. You can email mgvashland03@yahoo.com to get assistance or ask a question of the master gardeners or you can call the Ashland Public Library to find the days and times that a Master Gardener will be on hand to help!

We took the rest of the photos of each plot family (some I took the week before) and at the end of the growing season we will take another photo of the same families with their bumper crop of veggies.

The weather looks like it will be hot for this time of year into the beginning of the weekend and some rain is forecast. I know we all hope that Mother Nature is good to us and we do get rain but our water “truck” has arrived at the site also so we have the h2o we need to keep our gardens growing.

Hope everyone is getting some sun (wear your sunscreen) and is meeting your fellow gardeners. I am bad with names, so for those of you who have a plot, please excuse me if I forget your name, just introduce yourself to me again. I am sure before long we will know each other’s names and feel like family.


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