Ashland’s F.L.A.G.G. Garden

For those of you who have just stumbled upon this blog you may be wondering what F.L.A.G.G. is…

F.L.A.G.G stands for Families Learn and Grow Gardens and is a community garden in Ashland County brought together in a joint effort by United Way of Ashland County, Master Gardeners of Ashland, Town & Country Co-Op and Ashland Area Council for Economic Development.

Al Holdren, President of Town and County Co-Op had thought about doing this for years. He finally got together with Ev DeVaul of United Way and the idea became reality.

For those families whose income is 200 per cent or less of federal poverty level the plot, garden supplies and seeds are free. Others have paid for their plots to be a part of this exciting venture.

As this first post goes up the ground has been dug and plowed and on May 24, seeds will be given out and the planting will begin. Please stop by the blog often for updates, photos, recipes and more!  We welcome your input and hope you enjoy our endeavors.

Loving the dirt!

Ev Devaul of United Way checking out the grounds


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